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You’ve demonstrated the importance of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur through praying and fasting. Now show your Joy of Judaism as we celebrate Simchas Torah like never before!

Eat, sing, drink and dance the night away in celebration of the Torah. The festive time of Simchat Torah is spent in joyous celebration as we mark the conclusion of the reading of the Torah and honor our eternal tradition. Say l’chaim, dance with the Torah and have an excellent time.

If you’ve never seen Simchat Torah at CHABAD ESRA you’ve never seen joy before.


Join us!


Simchat Torah eve, Monday, October 21 at 19.00.

Gifts and sweets will be distributed to the children.

and on

Simchat Torah day, Tuesday, October 22,

Chatan Torah, Jean Marc Bühler


Chatan Bereishit, Henry Moradian

Invite everyone to a special lunch buffet.

This will take place following the prayers and Hakafot. (Shacharit begins at 9.30.)

Come, enjoy and give kavod to our Chatanim!



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For more infromation please contact Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld @ [email protected],

or +41 44 383 9304